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The first thing you want to do is activate your Associate ID.  Click here to login to the members area of TVC Marketing with the username and password you selected when you registered. Go to associate tab and scroll down and click become an associate.  Read the terms then submit.  You will then be given YOUR website link.  (If you have done this already, you will see your associate ID# listed there.)  Be sure to edit personal info with your phone number and social security number (tax id).

After you activate your Associate ID, you will receive a welcome email from MCA / TVC Marketing (check your SPAM folder) will all the forms you'll need to get started.  Be sure to complete your Associate Agreement and W-9 and mail them in as soon as possible.  

To view your personalized welcome details online:

Go to
Just replace my ID (11422321) at the end with YOURS. 

If you don't know your MCA ID#, you can login to your TVC Matrix back office and click on the accounts tab and you will see your ID# listed there.

For those of you who live in states where licensing is required, don't let that scare you.  You will not be required to take any tests.  These licensing requirements includes filling out paperwork and paying the fees that your specific state requires in order to work for MCA.  The company wants to help you get licensed so that you can make money.  So they are giving you plenty of time before you even have to worry about about the licensing requirements.  In fact, the fees will be deducted from your commissions; which is awesome because most companies that require licensing, usually make you pay out of your own pocket up front.

You will promote the services and associate program online or offline.  You will refer people to your personal website and every time some one makes a purchase of the
GO BEST NOW (Total Security Motor Club) package for $39.90 ($19.95 monthly) will earn $80-$90 for every sale every week!                   

Important note:  Advanced commissions are paid only when your customer uses a bank issued debit / credit card or initiates a bank draft EFT transfer.  No prepaid or loadable cards allowed.  If someone you refer pays with a prepaid or loadable card, your commission for that sale will be $9.24 and you'll get paid as they continue to pay their monthly membership fee.  You can sign up relatives, friends, and co-workers for a quick paycheck.

Any sales you get in from Sunday to Saturday night (midnight CST) will be paid on the following Friday.  You will get paid a mailed check ($3 processing fee deducted) or ACH direct deposit ($15 fee deducted). 

The company added the ability for you to earn even more and build a residual monthly income by adding a 3x8 Forced Matrix to the compensation plan.  When you sale the higher priced packages (MCA Total Security Gold or Platinum),  the $80 advance commissions, bonuses, and overrides are the same as the Total Security Plan PLUS you get the additional income stream from the matrix, with no qualifications for 1st and 2nd matching... just have a MCA Total Security Gold or Platinum membership.

The matrix Reward Dollars compute and pay on the 15th of every month and are included in your regular commission check or direct deposit on the first Friday following the 15th.

Benefits Overview Presentation
VIDEO:  MCA Benefits Overview Presentation
VIDEO:  Interview with TVC Marketing Top Earner
VIDEO:  Motor Club of America Full Presentation of Opportunity & Benefits
Full Presentation 
Benefits and Opportunity
Home Office Interview with
TVC Marketing Top Earner
MCA Presentation Book

MCA Compensation Plan

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Company Information:

Home Office for Associates is 1-866-467-2221 8am-8pm central time

Home Office for Services is 1-800-227-6459 is 24/7

Website:  http://www.tvcmatrix.com

Address:    TVC Matrix   3200 W. Wilshire Blvd  Oklahoma City OK  73116

Company References Available:

Motor Club of America Enterprises Inc.

TVC Marketing Associates Inc.

Here are the most important things you need to know about the TVC Matrix back office.


The Account Summary> This displays your Associate ID as well as the MCA membership package you are currently subscribe to.

Now the tabs...

Personal Info tab> Allows you to change basic info and you need to put your Social where it says Tax ID if you have not done so already. Verify everything is correct!

Login Info tab> Allows you to change your User Name and Password. If you decide to change your User Name then you will need to create a new link to promote or you may not get credit. Don't worry about the TVC E-mail Account.

Payment Methods tab> Allows you to change a card so that you will be billed every month. If you add Electronic Fund Transfer then this allows you to get direct deposit. Always Deactivate Payment Methods you no longer use for this account! 

Monthly Orders tab> This is what you are being billed every month for using MCA Service.

Transaction History tab> This displays all your Monthly Fees that were charged, Commission Earned, Commission Adjustments, and Commission Paid!

Matrix Summary
> This display your total active members billed.


The Associate Summary> This displays your web site URL that you need to promote and your Associate ID!

My Team
> This displays your team enrollment for active members.
-Generation 1 is your direct sale which you made $80-$90 from!
-Generation 2 is your Generation 1 first $80-$90 Commission.
-Generation 3 is your Generation 2 first $80-$90 Commission.

Bob referred Sarah to TVC. So Bob earned $80 and Sarah is Bob's Generation 1.
Sarah referred Mike to TVC. So Sarah earned $80 and Mike is Sarah's Generation 1 plus Bob's Generation 2.
Mike referred John to TVC. So Mike earned $80 and John is Mike's Generation 1, John is Sarah's Generation 2, and John is Bob's Generation 3!

For the first 90 Days you will get auto overrides from your Generation 2 and Generation 3! These are bonuses and you will need to have 36 PGV after 90 days to continue to receive them!

You get paid $80-$90 for each member in Generation 1.
You get paid $6 for each member in Generation 2.
You get paid $0.66 for each member in Generation 3.

Now the tabs...

Order Entry tab> this allows you to do manual orders from your customers. Please refer to the Associate Packet for this portion.

PGV tab> This is how you generate the report to see how much you've earned during that time period. You must have a PGV of 36 to receive commission overrides after 90 days.

Sales tab> This will display all Sales information from Transaction ID, Date, Time, and etc. This will also tell you how much you've earned per sale on Wednesday or Thursday of every week.

Team tab> This will display everyone who comes to your site and creates a user account. This will show all the member ID's, Name, PRO, and etc. You can click the the name or ID to see basic contact information. The people who have a BLANK where it says MCA and OTHER have NOT PAID YET! You can contact them via email or phone to see the status of payment.  If you are seeing members that just say NEW, this means someone started the process but did not continue with the sign-up and payment process.

Associate Payments tab> This displays your Checks or Direct Deposit Information!

Team Sales tab> This displays your entire team Generation 1, Generation 2, and Generation 3 Sales! You can see how everyone is doing and help each other be more successful.

Sales Support tab> This will provide you with useful PDF's! Just browse through to see what you like!